Readings by Swami Satchidananda of Anandashram. Swamiji is reading from a book by Swami Ramdas, his beloved guru. The book's title is Thus Speaks Ramdas.


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Thus Speaks Ramdas  - Full
(Reading in One File) - 75:08 Mins.
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New Videos of Swamiji are Available:

Swamiji's Message to Mother Hamilton's Devotees
(0:37 Mins.) Cate Koler asked Swamiji to give a message that she could take back to America -- for the devotees of Mother Hamilton. This was recorded November 25, 2007.

Swamiji Talks about Ways to Reach God Experience
(3:00 Mins.) [Date Unknown}

Swamiji on His Early Day in the Ashram
(10.00 Mins.) [Date Unknown]

Swamiji Talks of God
(3:21 Mins.) [Date Unknown]


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