The Cross and The Lotus.

Mother's Mahasamadhi,
January 31, 2004.

by Yogacharya David Hickenbottom

January 31, 2004
Seattle, Washington

We honor the passing of Mother this day and the thought comes, “What have I done to emulate the life of Mother this last year?”

Mother’s life was one of complete love and surrender to God. As I survey her life I observe in her a towering example of what it means to love and serve God. Through her love, devotion and her desire to do the will of her “Heavenly Father” Mother rose to be among the greatest of the great of God-Realized Masters walking the earth.

Yet Mother was not distant, removed from the everyday walks of life. She often said that she went through, in her life, what all of us have to face. Mother knew poverty, lack, hunger, cold, a feeling of aloneness, a struggle to overcome habits, everything we have had to face, and in most cases, much more. Through all the difficulties and setbacks, Mother never gave up, never gave in. She was, in her own words, like a dog who got one end of the bone and would not let go!

When Mother held a baby, she seemed to be the very embodiment of motherhood. When she held us, her devotees, in her arms she seemed to be the Divine Mother, the embodiment of God. Love pored from Mother like a great river. It was pure Grace to be in her presence. Her love was also a purifying fire, having withstood all the tests the world threw at her, she brooked nothing less for those who followed in her footsteps. Some think of Divine Love as something merely sentimental, but in Mother Divine Love was a great ocean of Spirit, breaking all the bonds of human attachment. Mother’s love was complete, whole and purified in God’s crucible.

Mother’s wisdom came from her great desire to know the Truth. Not satisfied with fairy tales and vague notions of distant past scriptures, her desire for Truth knew no bounds. When God answered Mother’s demand for Truth, He lifted her into supreme realms through vision and revelation that laid open before her the essence of revealed Truth. As a result Mother did not teach by rote the wisdom of others, but went to the same Source from which they drew.

I remember the day Mother gave a talk describing what God had given her earlier that week. She described how God had showed her the famous missing link in Darwin’s theory of evolution. How did the jump from animal to human occur, no skeletal evidence has ever been found to account for this astounding creation? Mother said that God had showed her how the transition from animal to human occurred in the astral realms, so naturally no physical evidence existed. Wisdom came from Mother exactly as God gave it to her. If ever I repeated to her something she had said, she would correct me in the smallest change of words. Mother was very precise in her use of language, harking back to the sacred language of Sanskrit, where the precise sound of a word must be pronounced correctly to transmit the fullness of its power.

Mother served us through all she thought, said or did. In my life I have observed a little of what Mother went through for all of us. The depth of work a Guru goes through cannot be guessed at by most people. Mother’s body acted as a shock absorber for individual devotees, and the world at large to smooth the way to God. Feeling her oneness with all creation, the cause and effect of the world’s karma cannot be parsed out from the Guru. Her compassion for striving souls put her body into service for those who considered themselves devotees, and for all.

Through Mother’s words she constantly taught the Truth. She was fearless of those who disagreed with what she knew through God. But she was never arrogant, always respecting that each soul must come to the Truth in their own way. Although her breadth of knowledge was vast, she was always open to learning something new, in fact she loved learning. She also respected someone who was an expert in their field. Yet, she had a feeling for when something being said comported with Truth, even when it was not a field she had studied. This intuition for Truth served her well in dealing with all people, in all fields. She used this ability not for personal gain, but for the upliftment of whomever she was working with at the time.

And in her very thoughts, Mother blessed us. One could often tell when Mother was thinking of him or her, feeling an upliftment or quickening of Spirit. This way of serving the world, through the projection of thought from God-Consciousness, is the most subtle and the most powerful service a realized Master gives to the world. Pure thought that emanates from its spiritual Source is better equipped to express the power of Spirit than astral energy or physical acts. Through such thought dark worlds of ignorance are obliterated. When darkness is removed then the Light of Truth stands revealed. Endless blessings come from a Master turning his or her mind to you, and it is one of the great ways a true Master blesses this world.

Mother served us all through so many ways, too many examples to even list. The root of all her service was love. Mother once described her final release from the three bodily jars of ignorance. In vision God showed Mother that she could be anywhere in the three realms of creation, or completely meld into Spirit free of embodiment. This was true freedom. Mother’s mind then turned to the world and she felt such compassion for all who were struggling to know the Truth. She knew, without doubt, that she would return to body consciousness and serve all humanity in its evolution from the human to the Divine. Nothing but compassion compelled this act, for no karma bound her to this earth, nor to any realm of creation. She served us with body, mind and soul, and strove always to help free us from ignorance.

The question remains, “What have I done this last year to follow Mother’s example?”  And, “What will I do this coming year to emulate her life?” The standard she has set is high, but it is a worthy standard for which to strive. In honoring Mother’s life of love, surrender and service, the greatest thing I, or any of us, can do is to embody her teachings, to follow her example.

May Mother ever bless us to love and serve her beloved Lord in all we think, say and do.

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