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Podcasting Now Available.

Mother Hamilton's and Yogacharya David's Talks are now available as podcasts.

1) Just go to their audio pages and scroll to the bottom.

2) There is a button called "Add to iTunes".

3) By clicking this, you can automatically add the Cross and Lotus Talks subscription to your iTunes program. In order for this automatic feature to work you must already have iTunes installed on your computer. (Go to iTunes/ to download iTunes. It's a free program.)


Yogacharya David’s Talks are available here.

These extemporaneous talks flow from a Divine Source and will enable you, the attuned soul, to be lifted up in consciousness through your open and receptive listening.


Mother Hamilton’s Talks:

Listen to these powerful talks issuing from the vast reservoir of Mother’s wisdom, based directly on her experience. These talks span some of the decades in which she taught (1960s through the 1980s). Hear the universal Truth of original Christianity as well as wise counsel on contemporary topics explained by this fully realized spiritual master. For the selection of Mother’s Talks, click here


Devotional Music that inspires and uplifts the heart and soul.  Listen to these chants online or download them to listen anytime and anyplace. click here